Saturday, November 6, 2010

Organs of Elimination

The "solid-waste management-organ" of the body. As many as several pounds of mucous and rubber-like waste can be impacted along the wall of this organ!
(From the Hippocrates Health Institute)

Cleansing Aids
Colon-hydrotherapies that use wheat-grass juice implants are very effective in minimizing cleansing-reactions. 

The "water-management" organs. The kidneys are responsible for keeping the chemistry of the blood alkaline by filtering dissolved acid wastes out of the body. Help your kidneys by drinking plenty of distilled water and fresh alkaline juices. Consume a minimum of 1/2 -oz. per pound of body weight on a daily basis.
(From the Hippocrates Health Institute)

Cleansing Aid
Help your kidneys by drinking plenty of distilled water and fresh alkaline juices. Consume a minimum of 1/2-oz. per pound of body weight on a daily basis.

The "recycling-center". This organ separates the bad chemicals from the good ones, and directs the toxins to the appropriate organ for exiting the body. If the primary organ of elimination is clogged, the liver attempts to redirect the toxins. 

Cleansing Aid 
Wheat-grass-implants provide a direct "shot in the arm" to the liver and help pull toxins out of the blood more quickly.

The blood's "air-purifiers". The lungs introduce oxygen directly into the bloodstream while, at the same time, removing waste-gases that are produced in every cell of our body during the Krebs (energy producing) cycle. 

Cleansing Aid
Deep-breathing from the diaphragm is crucial. Regular aerobic exercise in an oxygen-rich environment is an easy solution. If you are a conditioned shallow-breather, simple means are available to loosen your breathing.

The major "garbage-arteries" of the body. This intricate network of tubing carries the bulk of the waste from the cells of the body to the final elimination-organs. Major lymphatic glands (holding-tanks) are the appendix, spleen, thymus and tonsils. These glands tend to swell during detoxification.

Cleansing Aid
Regular exercize (both aerobic and resistance) and massage are beneficial to the lymphatic system. Drink plenty of fluids to help dilute, transport and eliminate toxins. 

The "temperature/humidity controller". The skin is the elimination-organ with the largest surface area. In addition to regulating temperature and body-moisture content, the skin often functions as a support-system for the other organs of elimination. Skin-disorders are manifestations of its performance of this function.

Cleansing Aid
Exercise, dry skin-brushing, massage,and plenty of fluids facilitate the breathing and perspiration of the skin. 

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