Sunday, April 21, 2013

Action or Inaction is still Practice

When we want to achieve something deep, physically, intellectually, emotionally and so on, we make a choice. A choice is familiar to anybody. How many times we wanted to take a class on Karate and never went back for some particular reasons. Or we made a choice to write a book but we ended up giving up after the first paragraph. I believe choice comes with motivation. The multiplicity of choices is practice.
And lets say that we continue to make that choice, not giving up that particular class, such as for example running. In that case we are practicing, our body begins making changes: losing weight, strengthening muscles, increasing lungs capacity, etc. In short multiple choices equals to a practice, and practice allows our body to create change. Hence the change is qualitatively positive.
Furthermore this is the points I wanted to emphasize: choice, practice, change and quality.
Most people associate practice with positive experiences. But when people do unhealthy things the word practice disappears in denial. Lets say that i am being lazy, slouching in the couch for hours. My mind is saying I should do this or it may say I don't care I love being lazy. The first case is denial, which means first I am making a choice of being lazy, second by continuing that inaction (which is still an action) I am practicing it, maintaining it or strengthening it. I am strengthening the lazy me by continuing its practice, like I would strengthen my body by practicing a physical exercise. Yet the change is with negative quality.
What then is the difference between denial or admitting it. The person in denial is not saying I am practicing laziness, alcoholism, drug use, and so on. She is saying I should not be sitting here all day, I should not be drinking so much. By saying or thinking that, she is not aware that she is actually practicing. And by practicing I mean strengthening an action, a direction towards maintenance and/or change.
We live in our mind, we believe our mind is action. In substance, inaction doesn't exist, anything we do is action, a practice that strengthens into us its qualitative effects. In short we become our practice or what we spend most of our time in.    

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Poison

In the last few years I have read substantially on sugar and learned how it powerfully affected our history of trades and developed our alphabet of diseases. Lets say that the first sugar trade was carried out by the king of Portugal in 1444 with about 250 blacks from West Africa. Then, like an oil spill in the sea, slave trade (sugar cane plantation labors) and sugar kept spreading until reaching all shores.
First the Persians, then the Muslims, then with the crusades our smart western ancestors thought  of stealing the trade as a way to defeat the enemy.
Yet, along long fought battles and shift of powers new diseases took shape; somehow, our immune system began to wither.
From that time till today sugar has been man's silent, best deadly companion.
To mention a few sugar is found in cigarettes, rolling paper, wine, beer, soups or any canned food, tooth paste, sodas, milk, flours.
What is sugar? 
An acid and an empty calorie. It is not digested but goes instead straight to the intestine. It is not categorized whole food, and by that considered a poison. Animal don't eat sugar and neither should we.
Sugar is the most extreme Yin food:
-Excessive sugar increases Yin, causing cancer or schizophrenia.
Sugar Blues
-Tiredness, nervous breakdown, anxiety, desire for sweet, inability to deal with alcohol, lack of concentration, allergies, low blood pressure.
Sugar weak targets
-Those who are 'Hypoadrenocortical' are risky individuals.
-Allergies are caused by bad functioning of surrenal glands due to sugar consumption (Tintera).
-Theory suggests sugar content in cigarettes (about %40-50) is what really causes lung tumor. Sugar should not be eaten and above all smoked.
Maybe it was just a coincidence but in 1922 in Ashtabula, Ohio it was reported a Leprosy epidemic after a Coca Cola establishment opened.
Cavities and Osteoporosis
Besides the knowledge that sugar causes diabetes, daily consumption of sugar causes a condition of hyper-acidity where the body needs more minerals from our deepest body storage as an attempt to correct the disequilibrium. Finally, to protect our blood, calcium is taken out from our bones and our teeth that we begin to experience decay and a general impairment.
Sugar consumption and Obesity
The excess of sugar first hits all our body organs. In the beginning the sugar is stored in the liver under the form of glucose (glycogen). Because liver capacity is limited, daily consumption of refined sugar makes very soon the liver swollen like a balloon; and when the liver reaches its max capacity of expansion, the excess of glycogen is sent back to the blood under the form of fatty acids. These are transported to all parts of our body and stored in inactive areas: belly, buttocks, chest and thighs
When I see people consuming sugar (white refined cane sugar) I don't judge them. Often, when it becomes the subject of a conversation, I hear the same thing: moderation. I use moderation while driving, if I am not late, when talking when in conversation with others, when eating to keep some space in my stomach for digestion, but not with poison. There is not moderation with poison; moderation with sugar will just kill you with moderation.