Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amino Acids - The Building Blocks of Life

In the last months I have done some research and realized the importance of amino acids in our diet not just for rebuilding but for cleansing our body. Recently I have started to think of a metaphor for the role that amino acids have within our organism. Like the ancient Greek Roman Gods, each god had a specific role to maintain a strong and healthy body and mind based on each individual need.
That been said, each individual may require a specific amino acid more than another due to internal or external demand, such as after an intense work out or an intense intellectual endeavor. Asking a friend, why do you workout? And she answered, to increase strength and muscle volume. I answered, the workout will not necessarily provide these, but mainly set the need of certain amino acids. 

Even if you don't engage in much exercise amino acids are fundamental for our health. One of the most important amino acids is Methionine for protecting our body from our polluted air, water and overall polluted environments and foods we eat. Amino acids can be retained in various different ways, depending on our individual diet. Vegetable and meat proteins (Organic), Free Form Amino Acids, L- type, (Natural and Pharmaceutical Grade-Tested), Royal Jelly, Bee Pollens, etc. To learn more on Amino Acids see the following links:

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